Benjamin Scrase Camera Operator Bristol

Camera and Lighting

Based in Bristol, I have 10 years experience in the TV and Film industry. I work primarily in the Camera department, either as a self shooter for Documentary, TV and Corporate or as a Camera assistant on Feature Films, Commercial and Drama. However I’m obsessed with beautiful lighting and as such take every opportunity to work as a Director of Photography. As of yet I refuse to call myself a DOP as I have too much respect for the generation of amazing Cinematographers before me who I work with regularly. I will however DOP Short films, Music videos and corporate films. I have worked in 27 countries around the world, interviewed CEO’s and Celebrities and have seen my work on the big screen a number of times. I own all of my own kit, from camera and lenses to an extensive lighting kit.
I enjoy all aspects of my work so drop me a line if you have a project in mind.

Having worked as an editor for 6 years, and a director for 4 years I am very confident shooting TV and Documentary content. I’m able to piece the edit together in my head and make sure all content is covered. I’ve got extensive experience interviewing members of the public and making them feel confident on camera, to the point where some of my clients will ask for me directly for more sensitive content. I have a lot of work with the International Judo Federation through my good friends at Fighting Films, this affords me the honour of being able to travel and tell the stories of various high hevel (often Olympic) athletes. I love this work as I am often able to take a project from start to finish, affording me a lot of creative freedom.

Like most filmmakers, I’m a nerd. I can tell you sensor sizes, frame rates and data rates for most cameras off the top of my head. I’ve worked with Alexa, RED, Venice and Phantom and know them all well. I’m happy managing a team and keeping the machine turning so we all wrap on time. There is nothing more I like than working with a team. I'm great at bringing positive energy and making sure people are happy and working well under pressure. I’ve been pulling focus for 6 years and love bringing together my inner tech nerd with my artistic side. I’m fortunate to have 1st AC’d many commercials and a handful of features and have a track record of never cracking under pressure and just remaining calm and collected.

I’m obsessed with images: the subtle nuances of the lens, the shadow describing the face, the camera drifting through space and describing the environment. All storytelling tools. I’ve never been great with writing but have always loved storytelling and it's for this reason working as a Director of Photography is my biggest passion. And just like writing, you are left with imposter syndrome, when can you call yourself a writer? When can you call yourself a DOP? Your first short? First Feature? I’ve still not figured that out and whilst I’ve lit and shot, over 30 short form Docs, more corporate content than I can remember, multiple music videos and my very own short film, for now I gingerly call myself a Lighting Camera Operator.

I am the proud owner of a Sony FX6, full range of G-master primes, Sachtler tripod, Ronin RS2, 2 X Pavotube II Light Tubes, 2 X Aputure 60X’s, 3 X Prolych Orion 300 FS, Haze machine, and all the grip and lighting modifiers I need (for now).

"The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories." - Mary Catherine Bateson