Benjamin Scrase Camera Operator Bristol

Camera and Edit

I am a Bristol-based camera operator & editor. Storytelling is central to our lives. It’s our histories and our futures, it’s part of what it is to be human. I love bringing a story to life and watching the impact it has. With over eight years of professional experience, I’m a confident storyteller. I’ve developed a range of skills from shooting in extreme environments to bringing the films together in the edit. I enjoy all aspects of film creation and have a high level of skill and experience across a range of production activities. On commercials, features, and drama I often work as a 1st AC, on live, corporate, and documentary I work as a camera op or Self-shooting DP. On some projects, I get to see the film all the way through from preproduction, to filming and then in the edit. I enjoy all aspects of my work so drop me a line if you have a project in mind. 

Cameras are an extension of our eyes, allowing us to visit places miles away, meet wonderful people, and go on adventures. With a strong background in photography, looking at life through a lens is second nature to me. Over 8 years of industry experience as a camera operator has seen me work on some pretty exciting documentaries, adverts, and feature films. Whilst I own and shoot on a Sony FX6, I am confident using almost any camera from Blackmagic URSAs to Alexa Mini and Phantom Flex 4ks. Bringing life to a shot often means working with rigs such as stabilisers, polecam, dolly's and sliders is something I love and have a large amount of experience in.

If there is one stage of film production that has a huge impact on the narrative of a story, it would be the edit. A good edit is key to any film. I pride myself on being a fast and imaginative editor. With the added benefit of being able to incorporate motion graphics and quality grading, I’m able to take a film to a fully graded, titled finish. The Adobe suite is my go to non linear editing program but and confident in Davinci resolve as well. On the horizon is Avid's media composer, which I am in the process of learning for an ongoing client. Soon I should be able to add Avid to my list.

One of the tools, we have as filmmakers is compositing. It gives us the capability of adding a subject into a scene or even extending what’s in the background of the scene. The use can be to reduce budget or to go beyond the limits of what’s capable to film in a camera. I specialised in compositing in University. I am confident with at keying footage, adding 3D elements, particles as well as full computer generated environments. Grading can change the mood of a scene, similarly to what a music score does. I've been working with DaVinci resolve for 4 years. In that time, I've gained a good understanding of colour, tone and mood. With these skills, I am confident grading anything from adverts to features. 

"The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories." --Mary Catherine Bateson