For Yazoo’s No added sugar commercial, I was working for Floating Harbour Films who had been commissioned by Epoch Design. The shoot was over two days and went against the famous phrase, “never work with children and animals”. But in fact, both the children and the lovely doggo were very well behaved. The advert contained a few challenging aspects, such as the vertigo effect (AKA the push-pull, the zolly, contra-zoom..ect) This notorious shot can take a long time to film, which we didn’t have the time for, so I suggested a fake version of this which uses the distortion of a wide lens combined with a dolly shot and digitally cropping into 4.6k to give the same result. This can be achieved on a prime lens and doesn’t require any tricky zooming whilst moving in on a dolly. On this advert, I was camera assisting on set, grading and VFX in post.

ClientYazooServicesCamera & GradeYear2017

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