Consol Tanning was a fantastic client, with a clear idea of what they wanted, a set of adverts to both promote and explain their services.

This fit into three categories:
Short engaging films for Social media
Films for their app – designed to guide the user through the process of getting started
Films to demonstrate the app-based tools such as skin type selector

Consol was conscious about using models to promote the beds as not everyone has the same skin or body type. We suggested a modern graphic style that would guide the viewer through the processes in a smooth flowing manner.
This then was split into two parts, filming the beds in a studio and filming the stores themselves.

It was important to shoot the beds in a studio so that we could control the lighting and have the space to film in. This allowed us to use tools such as the Polecam to get more dynamic shots. Our DOP Louie Blystad-Collins, showed the mastery of his craft once again here, with his knowledge of lighting.

For the store-based shoots, we used a dolly and had the client remove some walls to allow better access to the beds.

The client was happy and we had fun!

It’s important to note that I worked on these adverts whilst working for Floating Harbour Studios.