Being a camera geek I know my cameras inside and out and can tell you the sensor size, frame rates, resolutions and codecs of pretty much any camera (I know, I really need some friends). I’m happy to work with any camera, from the Phantom Flex to a Red Monstro. I’m a Polecam, steadycam, slider, dolly, crane and drone operator (CAA license in progress).


Editing is storytelling in its rawest form. I’m a confident and fast editor, able to tackle projects of all scales and match editing styles required for the job. To accompany editing, I am happy to grade, add titles and give an audio pass to finish the project off. Premiere Pro is my primary edting software, I have 8 years of experience on it. Davinci Resolve has recently become my secondary program as it eliminated round trip grading from Premiere to Resolve and back. Please get in touch to discuss rates.


I love the mental challenge of compositing, working in 3D environments, building up the image and effectively fooling the audience. Having used compositing for both chroma work as well as clean up jobs and 3D work, I am confident on After Effects as well as various programs that work their way into the mix (Element 3D, 3DS MAX, Maya, boujou..etc).


Grading footage has to be one of the most satisfying things. Its a lot of creation mixed with the mental challenge of bringing your imagination to fruition. Whilst I’ve graded footage for 8+ years, I’ve only really graded to a professional standard for the last 4 years. I work with DaVinci Resolve Studio and grade on colour accurate monitors.